Continuing Education

Updated Tuesday September 12, 2017 by Natalie Bennett.

Continuing Education

We ask our players to do their best, practice at home and learn the rule of the game.  Why wouldn’t we ask the same of our coaches?  Germantown Baseball encourages all coaches to find ways of educating themselves.  There are many ways that coaches can continue their education.  They can take advantage of on-line sources, attend collegiate games, participate in camps, attend player pitching & hitting lessons and earn your coaches certification through Babe Ruth.  Here are some educational options: 

Babe Ruth On-Line

Find the on-line course offered through Babe Ruth at  Search though their website for videos and tutorials for coaching and playing. Additional advanced certifications are available through Babe Ruth too.


Do some searching on the web.  You can find great resources for practice plans, drills, inspiration, just by doing a quick search.


Is there a specific topic you want to learn about? Search YouTube for educational videos about all aspect of the game. Spend an hour here and there to learn more about practice routines,  proper pitching techniques, batting hints, and more. 

Attend a High School or College Softball Game or Practice

You can learn so much by observing others coach. Whether is it a practice or a game, you can learn new team drills, how to coach certain plays, situational plays and so much more. If you would like to observe practices, be sure to ask the coach beforehand.   

Camps and Trainings

Germantown’s Winter Warmups, local camps from UofL and high schools , hitting and pitching lessons are great places to learn and test your coaching skills. Volunteer for these events as a facilitator or come to observe others coach these kids. 

Concussion Trainging

Player Development and Practices

Your goal as a coach is to develop all of your players into better ball players. Know what you expect from your player and parents before the first practice. Set parent and player expectations on the first practice either through a team letter or player parent meeting.

In the following pages are team goals for the specific age divisions. You can use this as a checklist for your season and to help create practice plans for your team.

Practice Plan

Always have a practice plan written out with specific goals in mind every time your team meets.

A plan should include:

  • Offense, defense, running and strategies.
  • The more time a player touches the ball during practice, the more swings they have, the better the player will be. Structure the practice so that time for each player is maximized.
  • Set up several stations around the field that work on specific fundamentals.
  • In the batting cages, set up hitting stations that focus footwork, swing, control, etc…

Individual Players

Take the time to look at each individual player and develop specific goals to meet during the course of the year. If there are several players that have the same goals, group them together at practice and work on them together on the specific skill. Ask your players, “What are your goals?” and help them meet them.