Bat Regulations starting Jan 1st 2018

UpdatedSunday December 16, 2018 byMatt Love.

Bat Regulations as of Jan 1st 2018

T-Ball = New Teeball Bats should have the mark "USA" T-Ball Stamp on the bat, older teeball bats may be used but must be 26 inches in length or less and marked only for teeball on the bat.  Bats must state that its used for Teeball's only.

6 & 8 Machine Pitch Baseball and 9-12 Cal Ripken = Bats must have the mark  "USA Baseball" on the bat for legal use.  These Bats range from 2 1/4 barrel to 2 5/8 barrel bats. Bats can not state it is used for Teeball's only.

13-15 Baseball = Bats may have the mark  "USA Baseball"  on the bat for legal use, these Bats range from 2 1/4 barrel to 2 5/8 barrel bats.‚Äč  Bats that do not have the "USA Baseball" Stamp must be BBCOR .50

16-18 Baseball = Bats must be BBCOR .50 and not great than Drop 3 for legal use.

Softball Divisions = Marked on bat as "Official Softball Bat" or "Official Fastpitch Bat" 


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