2021 Elections

UpdatedThursday July 1, 2021 byKeith Ingram.

2021 Germantown Elections will be held on

Thursday, September 2, 2021 at 7:00 PM

The Germantown Board is looking for members.

Your membership will help Germantown to continue to provide the children of our community with a facility that helps to develope positive character through competitive sports. A place where a childhood teammate can become a life long friend, where we all can cheer and celebrate as the children develope their athletic ability.

The following board positions are open for nomination’s.

Position                                                          Term

League President ______________________ 2 Year

Vice President Baseball ________________ 1 Year

Vice President Softball _________________ 2 Year

Vice President T-Ball / Machine Pitch ____ 2 Years

Treasurer _____________________________ 2 Years

Secretary _____________________________ 1 Year

Baseball Player Agent for 13-Over________ 2 Year

Baseball Palyer Agent for 11-12 __________ 1 Year

Bseball Player Agent for 9-10 ____________ 1 Year

Machine Pitch Player Agent (Ages 5-8) ____ 2 Years

Softball Player Agent ___________________ 2 Years

Softball Player Agent ___________________ 1 Year

T-Ball Player Agent _____________________ 1 Year

Member at large _______________________ 2 Years

Member at Large ______________________ 1 Year

Member at Large ______________________ 1 Year

If you are interested in running for any of the open position’s, please contact Keith Ingram at 502-445-4313 or email keith2904@gmail.com to be placed on the ballot.

 Nominations will also be accepted from the floor during the election.